Since the fairies are expecting attention, I believe something simple and traditional is the best way to go. Don’t spy, don’t be negative, don’t trample anything, and for the Gods’ sakes don’t THANK them, just get in there and give them their due and get out. I think maintaining traditional Fairy etiquette is probably the safest course of action; I don’t want to encourage them to want more attention.

In Scottish traditions, milk was poured into stones, usually having natural holes or recessions, or stones marked by cup-and-ring markings. I will see what I can find.

Here’s my outline:

  • Tie clootie in branch
  • Place fairy stone on ground
  • Pour milk in hole
  • Sprinkle oatmeal in hole
  • Sing a fonn
  • Bow
  • Walk away

That should take care of it.