I was so not thrilled by the discovery of the Fairy Tree, that I sat down and took out my pendulum and worked out a few answers and a course of action.

My questions, and the responses:

  • Is this a Fairy Tree? Yes
  • Have the Gentry noticed me? Yes
  • Are they asking for attention? Yes
  • Are the ticks I keep getting on me connected to this? Yes
  • Are they angry or meaning ill will? No
  • They noticed me when I picked up the human debris and garbage surrounding the area. Yes
  • Do they expect acknowledgement or homage? Yes
  • If I do ritual or anything elaborate, do I run the risk of creating desire for more connection? Yes
  • Is ignoring them the best course of action? Refuse to answer
  • Will they retaliate in some way or make trouble for me and/or my dog if I do not acknowledge them? No
  • If I do something simple, a clootie, some milk, and an acknowledgement in Gaelic, will this be enough? Yes

This last answer was a huge relief. The Daoine Sidhe are not particularly fun in my book, and I don’t enjoy the thought of having a real connection.