Who and what is wise? Well, I’m going to set a limit on the list; I find that I if I look very deeply, there is truth and wisdom in everyone, depending upon the context. We certainly all are capable of being wise – including other animals. And yes, that includes myself, too, although I didn’t put myself on this small list.

My Mother demonstrated wisdom when she moved away from her birth family in Connecticut to live near one of her daughters. She realised she was getting older, and actually needed more ongoing support to remain as independent as possible as she got older.

My dear friend, Rhett, shows his wisdom all the time, in his careful consideration of how he can best serve his community, friends and family. He’s excellent at discerning what they need and how he can meet those needs without giving too much and hurting himself. I watched him grow through this… he is a huge giver.

My sister, Susan, is wise and canny; she approaches everything with careful deliberation, with an eye towards future impact and careful consideration of every potential angle. She sets her plan in motion, and works that plan, and makes things happen in a good way. I learned so much watching her manage all the challenges in her life over the years.

Natalie loves life and understands her boundaries and limitations. She’s willing to do what needs to be done, even if it’s hard or scary, but, she also knows what she DOESN’T WANT. She’s very clear about her life and path through it. She also understands that you need to be committed to growth and challenge, and decided that her life was too small for her.  After completing her Wiccan 3rd degree, she has gone on to lead her coven in training year, and will hive off at that time and step into full leadership, into the role of High Priestess. Glè mhath!

Brandi wisely understands that she loves excitement, chaos and face-time with people, and that she’s great in a scrape – she served her time in Iraq as a solider in the United States Army. When she receives her degree in psychology, she’s going to work with the Red Cross in disaster relief, to best apply all her strengths, including her deep need to truly help people.

Some more people on the list, that I need to do further research on and will add to this post:

Abraham Lincoln
Sobonfu Somé
Sandra Ingerman and Caitlín Matthews
Black Elk and other First Nations leaders / shamans

Also on this list are wolves, whales and other animals; again, humans do not have a corner on wisdom. (I’m making a whole Oracle Deck out of Wolf wisdom 😉 )

I could go on and on – so many people, so many situations – there is so many things to be learned and so much to absorb.